Black Grease (rc nitro cars)


Black Grease (for thrust bearing as well, 4g)

Friction, moisture and heat are the enemy of your RC vehicle and can very well stand between you winning a race and sputtering to a halt. K factory lubricants are the life blood of your car buggy or truck. Our engineers know what it takes to eliminate friction, avoid rust and reduce heat while preventing wear. That’s why our Black Grease for thrust bearings and general lubrication is a must have for your RC tool box.
Developed with the finest quality lubricants available, K Factory Black Grease protects and provides friction-free operation of your vehicle moving parts. The convenient 4g tube is easy to apply and will not harm plastics. Use K Factory Black Grease in your vehicle’s universal joints, axles, ball joints, drive cups and especially the thrust bearing - a vital component of your transmission. Thrust bearings by nature are unique because they carry their load in an axial direction. So it takes the right stuff to repel moisture, avoid rust and stay lubed! Get the “Right Stuff’ … that’s K Factory.

Προσθήκη στο καλάθι αγορών:

  • Κωδικός/Model: K6301
  • Βάρος Μεταφοράς: 0.1Kgr
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: KFactory

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